Stillness is a Dance

digital residency
Week 1
Part 1: Sitting

A video performance in four parts

Choreography exists in every day arbitrary situations and it is most visible in the fact that, even in stillness, there is dance. Starting from this poetic observation, Laura's residency will focus on the idea that rhythms and patterns exist everywhere, echoing each other on varying scales. In her work, the city is a stage for a mass subconscious dance. Time, movement, people, everything is intertwined, even in the most unexpected places.

Working with performance and video, Laura's work will focus on the movement at an 'endotic' level stemming from an obsession with 1960s Minimalism, urban essay films, and poetic documentaries.

Like the late great Maya Angelou said, ‘Everything in the Universe has a rhythm, everything dances.’
“The city is the site where people of all sorts and classes mingle, however reluctantly and agonistically, to produce a common if perpetually changing and transitory life.” - David Harvey

Music by Gray Dawn
YONABOUT // Laura Genevieve Jones
Week 2
Part 2: Textures
The rug in the photo used to hang on our wall in South Africa when I was a baby. It moved with us to America and then England. We don’t have it anymore but I remember it vividly through the way it felt more than the way it looked.

As someone who moved from country to country at a young age many of my very early memories relate to the surrounding textures and colours of different domestic spaces; a chair, towel or toy. I was reminded of the impact of haptic memory when I moved to Germany and I noticed that it was the textures of my living space that made it feel foreign to home. The textures spark different subconscious physical reactions which are mimetic and therefore choreograph our movement.
4 hours
2 U-bahn train journeys
2 train seats
Haptic Memory
'A house that has been lived in is not an inert box. Inhabited space transcends geometric space." - Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space
Strife and the city: urban space and the essay film by Michael Pattison
Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media by Laura U. Marks

The Firstness of Firstness, Secondness and Thirdness by Charles Sanders Peirce
Week 3
Part 3: Pflastersteine
These videos have been made to be watched simultaneously so press play on both...
Week 4
Part 4: Death
"Everything is changeable, everything appears and disappears; there is no blissful peace until one passes beyond the agony of life and death." - Buddha